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Izgubljeni ljubimci

The Rainbow Bridge

Association Spirit continues to save and help dogs, although we have lost our shelter

By finding temporary or permanent new homes for the majority of its dogs within a given deadline of 35 days, Spirit has met the requests of the Veterinary inspection.

The main problem with our former shelter has been its location close to houses. Several dogs who were not adopted, have stayed with us and are still looking for new owners, but we have lost our shelter – in other words, we are not allowed to take new dogs to the location of the previous shelter.

Therefore, we are forced to find new location for the Association’s shelter, but in the meantime, we cannot simply ignore citizens’ calls and pleas for help after they find an abandoned animal – and in Zagreb, it unfortunately happens practically every day! The city of Zagreb, where we are active, has only one registered shelter for abandoned animals (The City Shelter Dumovec) with the maximum capacity of 150 dogs, although Zagreb’s population is almost one million. Since the number of stray animals in Zagreb is much higher than the capacity of Dumovec and finding new, responsible owners in Croatia is not so easy, people are still calling us, asking for help when they find an abandoned animal. Since we can no longer offer shelter and accomodation, we are trying to arrange for the finders to keep the animal at their home until adoption, which we are trying to speed up by advertising the animal on our web page. If the finder cannot provide foster home for the animal, then we are trying to find some other temporary home for the animal. These animals are not our protégés and they are not placed at the former shelter. The Association is only trying to help them with finding new homes.

In the Republic of Croatia, many dogs are still killed every day, mainly due to uncontrolled breeding and the lack of penalizing people who abandon them. As long as this situation remains, Spirit Association will try to reduce the number of dogs killed by finding new homes for the abandoned ones and by castrations.

We still need help in advertising the dogs, as well as financial support, because we have no state’s or city’s help in covering the veterinary expenses. We cover the expenses by ourselves and with the donations from our permanent donors, both individual persons and corporations. In the meantime, we are going to continue searching for the appropriate place where we will be able to build a new shelter.

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Updated: 07.03.2011

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