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The Rainbow Bridge

Dog shelter

At the time of its founding, the Animal Protection Association 'Spirit' didn't have any dog shelter. In the summer of 2007. we have built the first twelve dog enclosures.

See the building progress of our dog shelter.

dog shelter photos

About us

The Animal Protection Association Spirit is a citizens’ non-profitable association, founded in March 2007 for protection and adoption of abandoned and lost animals.

Goals of the Association

  • Organization of shelter, protection and adoption of abandoned and lost animals together with the competent ministry and organizations for animal medicine

  • Promotion of organized castration and sterilization of dogs and street cats for a humane decrease of the number of abandoned animals

  • Organization of educational workshops, courses and seminars for promotion and improvement of animal protection and enhancement of coexistence of people and animals in urban dwellings, as well as other activities.

Accomplished achievements

Although we have been active for only little more than two years, in this short period, with donations and own resources, we have achieved for an association of this type very impressive results – we have built our own dog shelter with 36 enclosures, arranged adoption of more than 1,000 dogs and cats, whereby almost all were vaccinated and marked with a chip first, numerous castrated. The whole time the animals were with the Association, we took adequate care of them, including medical treatment, quality food, everyday walks and the process of accommodation to the environment and people. Besides the stated activities, the Association "Spirit" has also been active as regards education on animal rights, correct treatment with animals and promotion of adoption of abandoned animals.

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